Facing Unemployment? - Best Ways to Get Through February

If you have started 2011 with a considerable amount of debt from Christmas, and are now facing the very real prospect of unemployment, you may well be feeling frustrated, worried and in despair.

However, the New Year means not just that you should be making resolutions, but that there is opportunity too for you to change your life. It is inevitable that you are going to have to make some significant financial and lifestyle alterations, but you may find that they can be incorporated into all areas of your life and can in fact bring about some benefits:

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Contact your credit lenders

If you have been notified that you will be made unemployed in the near future, contact your credit card companies, mortgage lender, loan providers and catalogue companies now to inform them and request to make a reduced payment plan with them. It is particularly vital that you speak to your mortgage company and Council Tax department. Repossessions and bailiff attendances tend to occur to individuals and families who do not communicate with their mortgage provider or council, and at least try to make an arranged lower payment each month.

Sell on any unwanted gifts

You may have received a number of gifts at Christmas which you'd normally shove to the back of the cupboard. However, they may just be what someone else is looking for so why not list them on a site such as eBay or Amazon? You'll be clearing away the clutter and making some money into the bargain.

Consider a casual job

If you have the time and availability, why not consider taking on some bar or waitressing work for only a few hours each week? It could be just for a short period and give you some extra cash to cover the debts you've run up over the festive season, but the funds could help you out whilst you're looking for work, too. If you're tied to the home, why not consider doing some freelance work? Check out sites such as People Per Hour and Elance. Whether you're an excellent typist, a web designer or you can speak a second language fluently, you could be making excellent use of any spare time that you have, and make extra money.

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