What Excuse Will Obama Use When Unemployment Hits 10%? Can't Blame That One On Bush

One thing I've learned from listening to President Barack Obama in his beautifully choreographed teleprompter readings and speeches is that anything that happens bad in this country is not his fault. No sir, it's the fault of the Bush Administration of course. Now then, I have a question for you; "what if President Obama was not allowed to blame everything on President Bush?"

Well, I suspect that President Obama would simply find someone else to blame it on, rather than admitting his poor performance, less-than-perfect leadership skills, or the unintended consequences of moving our nation more towards socialism, and away from capitalism which has works so well in this country up until now. Okay so, let's discuss some solutions for President Obama, and some other people he might be able to blame things on in the future.

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After all, he's going to need to find other entities, people, companies, countries, and organizations to blame for the serious economic crisis that he's gotten us into. He's going to have to find someone to blame for our unemployment figures which will probably hit 10% by the time he seeks the vote for reelection in 2012. Yes, we all know that the unemployment rate is actually over 10%, but I'm talking about the official unemployment rate the government puts out to keep us all happy.

Below I've listed the usual suspects that far left leaning candidates like to blame things on, especially lately;

1. Blame it on the Tea Party
2. Blame it on Jobs Moving to China
3. Blame it on Wall Street Banks Not Loaning
4. Blame it on Debt Limit Negotiations and Republicans
5. Never Admit that the Obama Administration is Indeed Unfit to Lead

Indeed, if the Obama Administration continues with their previous strategy to bolster their acceptance in the media and by the American people playing the blame game, then we can expect them to blame large corporations for moving their jobs to China, the tea party for reducing federal expenditures, thus causing more layoffs at all levels of government. And we can expect them to blame things on Wall Street banks for not loaning money to small businesses, as well as of course the Republicans for raising the cost of borrowing money due to the fallout during the debt ceiling limit the notations.

And one thing we can guarantee, and that is this; the Obama Administration will never admit that it is unfit to lead, that it has made terrible economic mistakes, and that socialism doesn't work, and it's wrong for America. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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